Hello World!

Being busy seems to be an ailment we can all relate to, you know what I mean? Life just sort of happens, and before we know it, we’re getting ready for bed and waking up to do it all over again. I feel as if the older I get, the busier I get, the more out of touch I become with the things I love and the passions that make me who I am.

At the beginning of this semester (it’s my senior year in college!), Doug and I were talking about our goals for this semester, and I told him how I regret that I’ve let the busyness of college crowd my life and move me away from the things I use to value and love so much. In the list of things forgotten are quality time with my family, quality time with God, quality time with a book of my choice, and quality time with a “pen” in my hand.

So, my goal for this semester is to stop letting busyness control me. I want to rediscover joy in the things I once loved and cherished so much, and I want to find triumph amidst the mess that is college.

I’ll share what I learn on my journey here. My hope is that through this you’ll find some encouragement as well, and you’ll begin or continue your journey on living the life you want to live.


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