In the morning when I rise . . .

I strugglemorning-262423_640 to find time with God.

With all the craziness going on, it’s easy for me to just slip a quick prayer in before bed and call it a day.

Sometimes I’ll even read a short devotion from a book Doug gave me for Christmas, but even then I feel guilty. I mean, those little devotions are only a couple paragraphs. Isn’t personal worship supposed to be done in the hazy hours of the morning, with a warm cup of coffee and an hour to dig deep into God? Aren’t I supposed to be keeping a faithful prayer journal, where I can go back and see the way God has answered my prayers?

I’ve spent so much time beating myself up over not having the perfect devotion time, but I haven’t really spent time taking steps to realistically build in that time with God. It’s just like time with friends, family, or Doug. If I’m not intentional, it doesn’t happen.

Here are a few things which have helped me this week in being intentional with God

  • 15 minutes is okay. Here’s the thing, I’m not disciplined enough to carve out that hour with God. Not yet, anyway. Instead of beating myself up about my lack of discipline, I’m starting small. On the days when I’m just too tired and would probably skip God time, I dedicate 15 minutes of quality time to him. I intentionally put everything away and use those minutes to connect with my heavenly father. It’s not a lot, but it adds so much worth to my day and to my relationship with Him.
  • There’s no one way to do it. I have a very definite idea of what my time with God is supposed to look like. Early morning meditation, a cute journal and Bible, a warm cup of coffee in a colorful mug, a desk sitting by the window, illuminated by a small lamp and the early morning pink light . . . you get the picture. The truth is, we all worship differently. If reading isn’t your thing, try singing. Or maybe a prayer walk through nature. Make your time with Him unique.
  • Make the evening your morning. Mornings are the worst possible time for me to connect with anything, let alone God. Did you know that in Genesis 1, the days are actually counted with their beginning in the evening, not in the morning? God intended for our days to begin with rest, not with frenzied mornings. So, if mornings aren’t your thing, make evenings your mornings, and watch how your time with God gains more meaning and depth.

Keeping these three things in mind, I’m off on a journey of getting to know God more through quality time with Him. Wish me luck, and share what helps you stay consistent in your walk with Him!


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