Getting it done

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The complete first draft of my senior thesis is due . . . next THURSDAY. Go ahead, ask me how many pages I have. I dare you.

I have four. FOUR out of at least 25 pages.

So why am I blogging? Well, in the past couple of days, as jokes about procrastination and not graduating have taken a panicked edge, I really hunkered down to business and in the process I’ve discovered some tips to help me get it done.

And because you’re my friends (and also I’m still procrastinating) I’d like to share my plan to getting it done with you.

  1. Wake up to music! I can’t begin to tell you how much of a difference this makes for me. I hate that annoying beep beep beep of my alarms, and I can’t stand waking up to the same chorus of the same song over and over again. So instead, I use the Pandora alarm and set it to my All Sons and Daughters station. I set it to at least a half hour before I actually have to stumble out of bed, so I have at least a half hour of uplifting and relaxing music to start my day.
  2. Start early. This is the worst. I really hate waking up. It’s not that I don’t enjoy mornings and sunrises, because I really do, I just wish they happened later. But honestly, when I wake up early, I find myself being 100% more productive, and it gives me that many more hours to get it done.
  3. Get ready. Obviously (hopefully) we all at least brush our teeth in the morning. But I’ve found that one of the keys to getting it done is not just doing the bare minimum, but taking some effort to make sure I feel good about myself. If I’m distracted by my own . . . ratchedness (for lack of a better word) . . . or if I feel too comfortable, I just don’t work as well.
  4. Get out. A home office or organized desk have the same effect, but if like me you don’t have either, get out. For exactly four weeks I’ve sat at my kitchen table nearly every morning and I’ve written a grand total of four pages (plus a few homework assignments). At home, I get distracted with just about everything (one morning, I spent the entire morning figuring out how my insurance works haha). So  today, I’m sitting at The Harbor Coffeeshop getting it done.

There you have it guys. no matter what you’re working on, make sure you set yourselves up for success. Okay, I’m out now. I have to write at least 10 pages today. No big deal.

Good luck today on getting it done!


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