Starbucks and Cusco

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South America! I’ve been dreaming of visiting Peru since I was eight years old and saw a picture of Macchu Picchu in a travel magazine (yes, I’ve been reading those since I was eight). Now, that dream is reality! And it’s surpassing all my expectations.

On Saturday we arrived in Lima, which has the absolute biggest billboards I have ever seen. I’m talking a full blown statue of a coke six pack, a sort of homage to Coca-Cola.

Also, we had “tacos”. Except they were more like burritos wrapped in crepes. So I’m not sure what was going on there.

On Sunday we flew out to Cusco and dedicated the day to exploring the city. We climbed through small alleys (and got attacked by dogs, another story for another day) and ate the most amazing food from ladies selling on the street. They had sugar cane (a favorite amongst Cubans so obviously we bought about 5 bags and immediately chewed the hell out of them), meat on a skewer with potatoes and tamales de elote. We walked and walked until we found the Plaza de Armas, and it wowed us beyond words. So, we bought Starbucks and sat on a curb to speechlesly enjoy the street dancers, towering cathedrals, tourists milling about and little kids running around.

This morning we hired a taxi to drive us to Ollantaytambo (try saying that fast five times haha) while stopping at the salt terraces and two different Inca ruins.  If I were a better author I would describe the wondrous mountains hunching over us and countryside dotted with red villages and llamas, but I’m not so I’ll just leave it at that.

So far, Peru has captured my heart and my imagination, and we still haven’t even visited Macchu Picchu.



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