How to make your Date Night a reality

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IMG_1912You know who I miss? Doug.

Sure, we go to college together. I see him at least twice a day. Sometimes we do homework together. Sometimes we eat lunch together.

But here’s the thing. Amidst the busyness of our weeks (and weekends), trying to juggle school and work and ministry and friends and family, we forget to add us into the equation. Him and me time.

So, a few months ago, realizing that we hadn’t actually gone out on a date in weeks, we designated the second sacred day of the week (after the Sabbath of course)—Date Night.

Date Night is that one night a week where everything is put on hold. Meetings aren’t scheduled, phones aren’t held, and homework is delayed.

It may sound time-consuming and expensive, so here are some tips on how to make your date night a reality.

  • Treat it like it’s sacred. No matter how important whatever comes up may seem, we schedule around Date Night (or move Date Night to another day that week). Whatever you do, don’t skip a week.
  • Take turns planning it. I don’t expect Doug to be a bottomless pit of date ideas. Taking turns is fun! I love thinking up of ideas I think will make Doug smile 🙂
  • Go simple. Last week we did a sandwich picnic at a park and then went for a walk. The week before that, we went for a drive, bought sodas at a small corner store, and sat on the hood of our car drinking them and talking.
  • Go out. Go simple, but go out. Laying around Doug’s apartment munching on chips and cookies (those seem to be the only food items in his apartment) is always tempting on Date Night. But Date Night is a time to go out on little adventures and have some couple fun.

I hope this helps as you try to stay connected through the busyness of your week. What suggestions do you have for making date night a reality??


What not to do on vacation

So, last weekend we had a long weekend. It’s nice, getting to Sunday and knowing that I have another day of no alarm clock.

I went to visit my family in Chattanooga and loved every second of it. Unfortunately, there were things I should have done that I didn’t. I should have caught up on some backed up work for the newspaper (I’m the student newspaper editor). I should have gotten some homework done for this week. I should have organized my computer files to make my life easier.

Kassandra, my cousin, and me at the Parthenon in Nashville
Kassandra, my cousin, and I at the Parthenon in Nashville

Instead, I hung out and laid on the couch and did nothing.

And, as I look at my planner forlornly and scheme ways to persuade my professor for a deadline extension, here’s a list of what not to do on vacation.

DON’T sit around on your bum all day. A little couch potato time may feel nice for the moment, but you’ll regret it tomorrow.

DON’T eat like the there’s no tomorrow (because there is). It’s not that I ate so much, it’s what I ate so much of. And now, after a short jaunt at the gym that left me panting way too much, I’m regretting my food choices.

DON’T close your planner (or equivalent) and not open it at all. The unfortunate truth is that you probably have some upcoming deadlines that need some attention.

DON’T watch hours of TV on end. A great movie, an interesting TV show—this is what I live for on vacation. But, too much of it really just takes the creativity out of me and suddenly I’m left with a three page paper for which I have no creativity to write.

DO fill every moment you have with love and laughter and relaxing. Be organized, be conscious of your time, but it’s vacation! I regret the laziness and unintentional choices I make, but I cherish the memories.

These are the things I learned this weekend. What do you do on vacation that helps you rest yet keeps you focused?

Hello World!

Being busy seems to be an ailment we can all relate to, you know what I mean? Life just sort of happens, and before we know it, we’re getting ready for bed and waking up to do it all over again. I feel as if the older I get, the busier I get, the more out of touch I become with the things I love and the passions that make me who I am.

At the beginning of this semester (it’s my senior year in college!), Doug and I were talking about our goals for this semester, and I told him how I regret that I’ve let the busyness of college crowd my life and move me away from the things I use to value and love so much. In the list of things forgotten are quality time with my family, quality time with God, quality time with a book of my choice, and quality time with a “pen” in my hand.

So, my goal for this semester is to stop letting busyness control me. I want to rediscover joy in the things I once loved and cherished so much, and I want to find triumph amidst the mess that is college.

I’ll share what I learn on my journey here. My hope is that through this you’ll find some encouragement as well, and you’ll begin or continue your journey on living the life you want to live.